• Superchute slides have sharp edges and are highly slippery.  They are NOT designed for use as playground or amusement slides.
  • Severe injury or death can result if the slide is used for moving people.
  • Do NOT use slide to move children, adults, or animals.


  • Objects moving at high speed can tumble out of the slide or exit the slide discharge without notice.
  • An ejected object can seriously injure or kill persons located near the slide or below the slide.
  • Do NOT stand below the slide.  Do NOT enter the slide.  Do NOT place any part of your body within the slide.  Do NOT needlessly approach  the slide.  Do NOT linger near the slide.  Keep away from the slide at all times.


  • Superchute slides of all types are solely designed for moving materials NOT people.  Material examples: snow, debris, gravel, boxes.  Do NOT use the slide to move people.
  • Secure the slide to structurally adequate anchors before use.
  • Materials can tumble from the slide.  Prevent injury by keeping the area around the slide cordoned off and clear of people.


  • The installation and use of a snow slide includes many risks, for example: a blockage in the slide leading to a collapse of the slide; a rupture in the slide leading to debris spillage; a fire in the slide setting fire to the building; an electrocution if current is conducted along the steel cables of the slide; a worker falling into the slide leading to an uncontrolled and hazardous descent.
  • An incorrect installation or misuse of the slide can result in serious injury or death.
  • Follow all of the instructions and guidance provided by Superchute.  If you are unsure or have questions, call the technical assistance helpline: 1-800-363-2488.

Snow Slides Brochure

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